Album: アルトコロニーの定理
Track: おしゃかしゃま
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Lord Buddha

The number of crows has increased, so we’ll kill them.
And the number of monkeys has increased, so we’ll decrease them.
But the number of pandas has decreased, so we’ll increase them.
But even if the number of people has increased, we’ll still increase them.

Even though we’re always begging
And praying to God, at some point,
That’s right, when we noticed,
We, mankind, were becoming Him…exactly what kind of God is that?

I’ve never seen him,
But the God I see in paintings here and there,
And hear stories about,
Always has a human figure.

A match of coincidences, an agreement of destinies,
Or our own convenient sketches -
Over there, this way, that way - which way?
What exactly are we becoming, da Vinci?

"There’s a world after this" "no there’s not" so what exactly?
"We’ll be reborn" "no we won’t" then I guess anything’s okay.
People will always do everything however they like, and even standing on the top of the so-called chain,
They insist there’s something even higher.

If I were God and I could decide everything,
I definitely wouldn’t imitate Him and create the world in 7 days.
I would take more time, do things surely and properly, and plan it out perfectly,
Because it’s His fault, being impatient and hurriedly creating it - cut and paste, create and destroy,

Increase and decrease, if you decreased it, increase it.
Why are things like this, did you ask?
Pretending to offer a “?” even though you understand.
"Say it, let me hear it, why, why?"

Because humans are idiots,
I said I know that,
That’s why we should decrease them in 1s, 2s, 3s,
Because, after all…

We can’t help but think that death cures idiocy.
Well, our hopes are great for ourselves in the next world, but wait, what should we do about the present world?
Well, let’s be absurd, and therefore reckless, and let’s put them together and be mixed up.
Well, let’s be with it, and therefore without it, and let’s put them together and be vague.

So what to say, if this fails, we’ll say we still have the future,
Because we throw things away, and ask what’s next.
However, but, still, yet…what should we do?
Because everything we say, everything we do, turns out wrong.

So what should we do? Where should we turn?
Whether we’re here or we disappear, if we can’t go on, where to?

"There’s a world after this" "no there’s not" so what exactly?
"We’ll be reborn" "no we won’t" then I guess anything’s okay.
"We’ll go to heaven" "or to hell" so what exactly?
It’s not up or down - the road is sideways.

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