Album: RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~
Track: me me she
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me me she

This love made me shine and made you cloudy
Maybe, it was too heavy to put our dream on this love.

I forgot how to hate you.
I’ve searched everywhere but it’s nowhere to be found.

On that day, if you could have…

I wanted you to teach me along with that “good-bye”,
how to break that promise and how to love somebody else.
But, to be honest, I don’t want to know at all.

We made a promise, right?
“Let’s be together until we are 100 years old.”
I didn’t expect the 101st year would come so soon.

I’m really sorry for saying things like that.
My mind understood it, but my heart does not.

But that “me”,

Was created by..
Was saved by..
Surely not my dad, and probably not even my mom, not even God I think.
So what is left, you see, is you.

Suppose I marry someone else,
and a life grows between us,
I’m sure that life would bear your gene somehow.

But without you here, it would definitely be boring. So I will be waiting for you until the year 2085 by killing time.

Thank you for everything up to now.
Sorry for everything up to now.
Now it’s my turn to wait, whether you’re alive or not.
Because that was the first promise we made with a smile.

Along with “Good-bye”, my words to you are “Thank you”, “Sorry”

“The sky is beautiful; people are sad.”
Wash me over with your blatant truth, if there is a next time.

You whom I loved, me whom you loved.
And like that, I came to cherish myself.

If I were to name this love,
it would be “Thank you”.

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